Protect Your Images From Abuse and Theft - It's Free!

Every second of every day more than 28,000 photos and other images are abused, used commercially without permission or payment, and otherwise misused on social media and the web.*  Protect your valuable images with ImageShield. ​


Our free service will provide best-available technical protection of your images, for all the major social media and web platforms, plus 24-hour monitoring of where your images appear and how they're used.

* according to the Copytrack Global Infringement Report 2019

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About Us

ImageShield is a free service that provides state-of-the-art protection of your photographs and other images, plus 24-hour monitoring of where your images appear and how they are used, across the web.  Among the developers are the founder of the Stevie® Awards, the world's premier business awards programs.


Your Image, Your Life

Misuse of your images can damage your reputation and personal image, maybe even your livelihood.  ImageShield will help you to protect your photographs and other images from use without your approval, and from alternation, deepfaking, and other forms of abuse.

Works on All Major Platforms

Every social media and web platform is different, which means that the best way to protect your images will differ from one platform to the next.  ImageShield will help you protect and monitor your images on all of the major platforms, with technology, training, and 24-hour monitoring.  All free.  Questions?  Email